Tuesday, March 15, 2011

weakness again.....

director of photography is not able to produce visual and interesting pictures.
formation of a script that is not powerful. 
command capabilities that do not play very well.
The actors do not have good acting talent.
acting actor tied the script and not real. The speech is less effective and not casually.
sound and light effects in the film are not encouraging.
costumes, sets and makeup are not relevant and appropriate to the plot of the film.

film AND national CULTURAL.....

GUT Guy's  Guy's, what do you thinking about this statement???

i'm just read in a book that explain about FILM AND NATIONAL CULTURE..
i think this is good sup topik TOPIC for our REPORT.. 
so do you agree with this suB  SUB TOPIC...
if i put in our REPORT??
ok let me explain a litter bit what is FILM AND NATIONAL CULTURE....
just for example... when we want make a war film..
we must follow a real history from our country...
just like LEFTENAN ADNAN...  (^__^)

Monday, March 14, 2011

weakness of local films

Factor stars

noticed it? 

  • the voice and character are not compatible with the scene in the movie.
  • the directors could not choose actors.
  • less talented actor
  • furthermore, sometimes the actors given many awards due to facial beauty and a lot of controversy.

Have you guys done with our project paper..?

...The date for us to present about our blog and our issues is getting around us...I admit that, i was so nervous to wait that day. Can i know how about your preparation to face that day?
I have arranged to you guys AZRENA AND PIDA about what you must do right?? so, can i know what have you done for this moment??..

Friday, March 11, 2011

fILm iNFLUENCE people......

Do you agree with this statement???
For me i think this statement is true..
Tshu this is because..
whenever there are one new film that out in cinema,
there is some scene which would be community's following.....
in their daily life....
especially a comedy film just like...

                                                                          who agree lift hand like i??  (^_^)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

There are ways to Improve our film Industry??..

   What this film was is ends leftover from shooting movies. Dale was another lab that distributed this "free film" if you have it developed by them. I had some at one time - It was good film, and you got back both film negatives and film positives. However, having to send it off was a pain even in the good old days.

   Over the years, the medium of film has come to be closely associated with the culture industry. In Nigeria, such a role for the film industry is still evolving although certain factors are altering the profile of what could be regarded as the country's culture, while the film industry itself is undergoing a crucial transition. 
so,what are solution or opinion that relevan for us to improve our film industry??


# Can our film overcome with another film from foreign..?